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Background Plates

Our Stock Footage Library includes a series of 1080i High Definition Background Plates for compositing with Green Screen and ChromaKey processes. Utilizing these Background Plates for commercials and music videos, actors can be superimposed into scenes filmed in multiple locations in Europe, Egypt and the United States. Recently, Papa John's Pizza used our Trevi Fountain and Amalfi Coast 1080i High Def background plates for a national commercial. More…

Digital Photographs

We have an extensive catalog of 12-megapixel digital photographs from all of the locations mentioned to the left. In addition, we have High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs from Rome, Venice, Athens, Rhodes, Corfu, Santorini, and Istanbul. More…

Standard Def Footage

We also have an extensive collection of beautiful NTSC Standard Definition footage of Rome, Venice, and London. This footage is attractively priced and suitable for web use. More…

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1080 High Definition Footage of Paris

We have extensive NTSC 1080 High Definition Stock Footge of Paris shot in Fall of 2006. We have day and night coverage of all of the typical shots you might need of the "City of Lights." Click here to watch our Paris Night Footage

We have shots of:

plus other sites in and around Paris. We also have HD stock footage of the Paris sites and locales mentioned in Dan Brown's bestseller, "The DaVinci Code."


We have "All Media, Worldwide, in Perpetuity" licenses along with more limited use licenses. We will fit our rates to your use - just tell us how you plan to use the footage and approximately how much footage you need and we will work with you to fit your budget. And we have fast turn-around time!

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